Light festival, Lyon 5-8th December 2019

Thanks to Théoriz team.

Genesis is video mapping created especially for the Light Festival of Lyon while I was working at Théoriz Studio. It all started with the will to create an Art piece that had something to tell and not just meaninglessly illuminate the cathedral.

In our difficult ecological context, we wanted to invite the spectators to take a step back from the human perception and question humanity place on earth by telling the planet history, from its creation to mankind expansion. Because it was made for a Light Festival, we had to create a 7 minutes show so we splited the story in 5 different scenes. Each one representing an artistic vision of a step of earth’s past.

Independently from our role in the company we all worked on the scenario, from moodboard and writing to storyboard. When we knew where we were going, additional members joined the team to be able to produce this show in a month and a half.

The workflow was as follow :

  1. Writing and storybording
  2. Graphical pipelines and tools research
  3. Scene creation
  4. Feedbacks
  5. Scene improvements
  6. Sound design
  7. Final video render

At the beginning of the production we created different graphical pipelines. One to create trees, another to easily deform objects and we also improved several others. We also worked and researched tools to smooth our workflow : automatic video generation in Unity, a VR scene with a full sized cathedral to simulate the projection and a video-mapping helper.

Each scene was created, animated and rendered in Unity then all the image sequences were merged and synced with the music to create the final video.

I was in charge of researching how to map the cathedral with our content, I also worked on several graphical pipelines, especially on OBNI, and tools : the VR scene and the video-mapping helper. During the content creation phase I was responsible for the realization of 3 scenes : Light, Space and Humanity.

Roles and skills

  • Writing and storyboarding
  • Graphical pipelines and tools research
  • Environment creation
  • Animation
  • Unity
  • Photoshop
  • Premiere Pro