Théoriz Studio, Lyon Summer 2017

Thanks to Théoriz team.

This project is an artistic short movie showcasing a Mixed Reality technology developed at Théoriz Studio. We created a 7 minutes video where dancers interact with virtual worlds.

The aim of this project was to test a new approach to shoot movies. With this technology, green screen are not required anymore : the 3D content is directly projected, allowing a fully immersive experience for the actors. Furthermore as every thing is real-time, the post-production becomes integrated to the production itself, meaning we can, at any moment, decide to move objects, change the lighting, add new elements, etc.

A similar technique was used for the shooting of the serie The Mandalorian :

Our system consists in a real-time anamorphosis using a tracked camera as view point. We used VR tracker to track the camera and Unity to generate the video. The real scene and the virtual scene are both modelized in the engine then, all the content is projected on wall and floor thanks to several video projectors. Additionnaly we used Augmenta technology to track actor’s position in the space to allow interaction with the virtual environment.

Here is a demonstration video we made : experiments after experiments we tested effects to discover what worked and what didn’t.

I was part of the team who researched the technology : from technical pipeline to visual effects research once the system worked. Then I took part in the creation of the different scenes for the short movie and helped during the shooting.

Roles and skills

  • Technical pipeline research
  • Visual effect research
  • Environment creation
  • On-site installation
  • Unity
  • Photoshop