VivaTech, Paris 16-18th May 2019

This installation is composed of a door frame filled with a huge screen and an interactable real door. On the screen lives a virtual room observable through 2 points of view, switchable by closing and opening the door itself. It was created for Maison du Monde who provided all the 3D models and a visual reference of the room.

DOORS on-site
Second point of view

When a person stands in front of the screen their head is tracked and the content is deformed according to its position, creating a 3D effect. We can compare this to a realtime anamorphosis.

The technical specificities of DOORS are the tracking of the user’s head with a 3D camera, the repercussion on Unity’s camera projection matrix and the detection of physical interaction with the door. This detection was made with a capacitive sensor and an Arduino which communicated with Unity via OSC.

I was in charge of creating the virtual environment and all the technical aspects. I also took care of the client relationship.

DOORS anamorphosis demonstration

Roles and skills

  • Environment creation
  • User tracking
  • On-site installation
  • Client relation
  • Unity
  • Arduino