Laval Virtual, Laval – 20-24th March 2019

Thanks to Théoriz team.

During the Laval Virtual exhibition we, at Theoriz Studio, were given carte blanche to create an immersive and interactive installation covering 84 m².

This experience was a huge technical challenge because we decided to create an interactive space including both floor and wall interaction and a very high resolution projection thanks to 6 4K projectors.

Augmenta technology was used to track user interaction on wall and floor thanks to 9 3D cameras and 3 LiDARs we installed on-site.

I was in charge of the artistic direction of the project and I worked on both the tracking technology and the content creation. All the team was involved in the installation and exploitation on-site.

Roles and skills

  • Tracking technology
  • Artistic direction
  • Content creation
  • On-site installation
  • Unity
  • C++ and Linux